If You’ve Got It to Give


My sister who has been through so much is being assessed as a transplant patient.

Her doctors now believe that her spleen is enlarged due to the beginning phases of liver failure.  It’s working overtime to try to take some of the stress away from her liver but that’s not the way the body is supposed to work.

Caitlyn has an appointment on January 4th with her surgeons, social workers, counsellors, nurses and transplant coordinators to discuss her status and her position on the transplant waiting list. 

There are some positives here.  Shes’s in much better health than the last time she had this surgery (six years ago) and they may consider a live organ donation.  Her husband has volunteered to be tested.  So have I. 

I have always felt like this was meant to be.  Six years ago, I felt like I should donate but not only was there not enough time, I was morbidly obese and not eligible. 

Thank God I changed my life – I should have no problems qualifying to donate a portion of my liver this time around.

My mother and I discussed this, she would rather it was Jason, my sister’s husband.  My mother said that she had no idea how she would survive the two of us being in there at the same time.  I know, I just know in my gut, that I am going to be a better match and my liver will be healthier.  I’ve never smoked, I drink only in moderation (last Saturday night excepted), I eat clean and I exercise regularly. 

I only hope I can give her this and it turns out well.


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