The End is the Beginning


I rejoined Weight Watchers on Saturday.  I never really stopped going this past year, mostly because I was working for them, but I turned my notice in as leader at the beginning of October and now I’m just a regular ol’ member.

It makes me almost laugh to rejoin (or whatever) because I’m re-learning all my old lessons and I think it’s funny that I keep remembering things I already thought I had down pat.

Things like:

Sweetened beverages screw up your ability to taste how sweet real food is.  This is true of both real sugar sweetened beverages AND artificially sweetened beverages.  I had to relearn this lesson after I let diet pop (or soda) creep back into my diet.  I kept rationalizing this by saying ‘hey it has no calories!  It doesn’t count!’.  It was still not good for me!  Thankfully, I’ve cut all this stuff out of my diet again.  If I want something sweet, I eat real sugar/honey/maple syrup or agave and call it a day.  I’m just back to it being a once in a while thing as opposed to everyday.

Muscle is worth being heavier.  You may not think so when you look down at the scale, but it’s so much more attractive to be muscled.  Lean muscle makes you look pretty hot, even when you feel like it’s messing with the scale.  The scale is just a number!  Those muscles?  They represent you in a way that a number never can.  Muscles say ‘I’m a badass, I can change the water bottle in the water cooler whilst wearing a skirt cause I’m strong’. 

Losing weight in a healthy fashion is actually about self-love.  In order to take care of yourself, eating right and working out, you have to like yourself.  All this stuff?  Is effort.  If you don’t think that you’re worth the effort, you will never lose weight or get healthier. 

That last one?  It’s the most important thing I’ve forgotten over the last year.  What’s weird is I don’t remember when the switch flipped for me.  I don’t remember ever thinking that I WASN’T worth the effort but it happened.  It happened because I have a long history of not recognizing that I’m good enough to care about and even though I practiced taking care of myself for a while, it’s got to be a conscious effort for much longer than a few years before it becomes natural. 

I’m not going to post my weigh in’s like I did on my other blog, but I will give updates as I hit my big milestones.  Right now, my focus is on getting back into the 160’s without getting blinded by weight loss obsession.


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